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his site is the official web site of the « Tire-Bouchons Association » (Corkscrews Association). This is the non-profit Oenology association (wine tasting) of the KPI France employees. It was created in 1998 and registered by the Préfecture of the Département.

This site is meant to serve the members of the association. No other page in English exists in this web site at the moment.

This site has been created Mrs Clarisse Iris in January 2002. It is hosted on Free France servers (www.free.fr) at http://atb.asso.free.fr with atb.asso@free.fr as email address.

Access to this web site requires a Login and Password (failure to enter a valid Login and/or password will cause the web server to redirect the user to the « No Access » page). These are provided annually by the association upon payment of the annual fee.


M Frédéric Laberenne
Webmaster of the site


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Thanks to Mr. Pablito Camaron for his technical assistance.

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Please read the « Copyrights and Usage Policy » notice about this web site. The rights of most texts and images belong to the Tire-Bouchons Association, or to otherwise mentioned persons or organizations. For all questions regarding this site or the copyrights of the materials included, please contact the webmaster.

A Sensitive Use of Computer Hardware

The computer industry is one of the most polluting industry of all. The computer hardware is made of extremely toxic components. Please do not purchase computer hardware if it is not necessary. Please give away obsolete equipment to non profit organizations and individuals so they can make a good use of it. Please recycle these equipment at the appropriate recycling centers.

Technical Notes

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This site is not voluntarily registered with any search engine site. This site is strictly reserved for the members of the association.